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Zensense: The Self-Extinguishing Incense Burner

by Gina Cronin

Incense has been found in fossil records of civilizations dating all the way back to 3300 BCE. Anyone who burns incense would agree that the way the delicate smoke of the sandalwood, frankincense, lavender or patchouli—or any of the countless other blends of herbs and spices—fills the room can be uplifting, inspiring, refreshing and relaxing. These same people may also agree that they have a perpetual ring of dust on their furniture where their incense is set up, or that sometimes the room gets too overwhelmed with excessive smoke and they have to extinguish it manually before it burns out. A company from Florida has eliminated the few functional issues surrounding incense burning, so people can effortlessly enjoy its sublime qualities.

Zensense, a product invented by John Carlile and Rae Randall, is a stick incense burner that puts incense out exactly when a person wants it to go out. The company has added an innovative sliding block feature that makes the incense self-extinguish at any point desired along the incense stick. Whether someone wants a sixth, a fourth, or a half of the stick burnt, they can simply place the sliding block to that point and it will extinguish at the selected point every time. This means two things: the first is that people can get just the right amount of fragrance into the room, and the second is they do not have to stop what they are doing, be it meditating, cleaning or entertaining company, and extinguish the stick manually.

“Incense is one of the oldest commodities in human history,” says Managing Directer Peter Marzilli. “This is such an ancient product that was used like a currency at one time, yet only recently has someone figured out how to control when it extinguishes.” Carlile had originally crafted the product ten years ago so that he would not have to deal with the scent of burning bamboo at the end of the incense when it goes out. His intent was to stop the burn before the ember got to the stick. Marzilli, a friend of Carlile’s, noticed this product in his home and was amazed by the ingenuity of it, and how the incense can in fact be stopped at any point along the stick. As a carpenter, Marzilli got involved in developing his friend’s invention into a manufacturable product that people can enjoy.

Zensense is a beautifully and intelligently designed product hand made in the USA from new growth and recycled hardwoods, including mahogany, cypress, red cedar, walnut, white oak and more. In addition to it being the first self-extinguishing burner, it also secures the stick horizontally half an inch from the tray, with the side walls high enough to catch all of the ash. Meanwhile, other burners hold the sticks up at an angle, where the ashes fall five to eight inches onto a tray with no walls, ultimately making a mess on the surrounding surfaces. “I love to show this product to someone and see the look of bewildered curiosity,” says Marzilli. “And as soon as I tell them how it works, this big smile comes across their face.” For anyone who burns incense, the innovative features of Zensense the Amazing Incense Burner are indispensable; the lost key to an ancient treasure.

Discover the full line of Zensense incense burners at Zensense the Amazing Incense Burners website