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Alchemy of Sound: Shamanic Drum Healing

Sep 01, 2016 04:07PM

Everything on the planet has its own vibratory rate and rhythm. Our bodies have a number of rhythms as well, including heartbeats at normally 60 to 75 beats per minute, 14 to 16 breaths per minute and stomachs that contract every three minutes.

We are a symphony of vibrations and rhythms. Sound, through the process of resonance, brings us back into the natural flow and rhythm of our bodies and into alignment with the natural flows and rhythm of the earth. When they are aligned and balanced we feel well, whole and at peace. When they are misaligned, we feel insecure, unsteady and out of sorts—it is as if our orchestra is out of tune.

The shamanic practice of using sound along with spirit dates back over 40,000 years. Shamans use sound to induce altered states of being, in particular trance states, to connect with helping spirits for the purpose of bringing equilibrium to people and places on the planet. This form of sound healing is rooted in earth-based wisdom and the instinctive movement of life here on earth.

Everything on the planet is made of energy in particular patterns and configurations. The shamanic drum healing utilizes the energetic vibratory rates of sound to break up and dissolve patterns that keep one out of balance. By working with sound and tone, the shamanic drum healing creates opportunities to liberate stagnant energy and bring alignment to one’s core being.

Life circumstances and situations cause us to move away from our true nature. We may compromise our values or let go of our desires to conform to family and society. From the shamanic perspective, this results in soul loss and power loss. We stop singing, we stop dancing, we stop being joyful; we lose touch with our innate song.

Soul Loss

Soul loss may occur anytime there is an event which causes dissociation or separation from the self. These events are typically traumatic in nature such as a car accident, surgery, injury, or any type of abuse. A part of the self leaves when the pain is too great and will often return once the situation is over.

Soul loss may also happen when we have disowned a part of our self or there is an aspect of our life we separate from. When we give up on our dreams or abandon what makes us happy, we can lose access to this part of our self.

Relationships, work environments and constant conflict can cause us to feel drained or tired, like our energy has been zapped. It is even more immediate now with modern technology and its rapid rate of access and information. When we are disconnected from one another and the natural world, we lose touch with the activities that feed our soul. This results in a loss of power and vital energy, and we become tired, depressed and anxious.

Symptoms of power loss and soul loss are closely related. They include chronic depression, chronic illness, constant bad luck, feeling like one is dragging around a ball and chain or being followed by a little black cloud. When we are just trying to make it through the day, this loss of power can make it difficult to reset our energy to normal levels. Once the connection with our authentic self is disrupted, we can become blocked and stuck, further depleting our energy.

Shamanic drum healing repairs this disruption and helps us live our life full of energy in congruence with our natural state of being. Sound and vibration, in partnership with compassionate spirits, bypass the conscious linear mind to effect change at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

This works through the process of resonance and patterning. In shamanic drum healing the sound of the drum and rattle resonate with the blocked energy to draw it out. People often feel the energy moving out of their body. This release creates space for the person’s soul parts and power to return home, anchored within the core self. The instruments then re-pattern the person’s energy field by restoring balance and allowing them to come into affinity with their authentic self. The soul parts come back healed and whole, creating a connection with one’s authentic tune and the innate rhythms of life, living fully within their own power and true nature.

Katharine Rossi and Paul DiSegna came together in May 2010 to create a unique sound and powerful vibration in their Shamanic Drum Healings. As they have deepened their practice, the power and spirit of the drums have responded in kind. Together they provide a doorway into healing through sound and spirit by blending masculine and feminine energies with the elements of healing.

DiSegna is a native of Providence and is following his purpose in life to teach and learn love, compassion and humility. He is a shamanic practitioner, Karuna and Usui reiki master and teacher and a certified somatic coach.

Rossi is the founder of Fireseed: Center for Transformation. She is a certified depth hypnosis and shamanic practitioner and has dedicated her life to helping people access their own power, alleviate suffering and develop skills to live a whole and happy life.

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