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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

House Blessing and Harmonization

by Lisa Ashton

Purifying and blessing the home is like feng shui without moving the furniture. For many of us, home is sacred ground, where we go to replenish our souls’ tanks. It is important to feel safe there; we want to feel like our spirits can float through the roofs or believe our bodies can blend into the walls comfortably.

A house blessing can help make a home beloved. In Native American tradition, a house blessing and harmonization includes white sage, spiritual music, drumming and a prayer ceremony bringing stabilization to the connection between home and the land. Each room in the entire home is blessed, and Mother Earth is then welcomed in to nurture the family again.

A house blessing ritual is a way to re-connect the home and hearth with the sacred energy lines of the landscape that it rests upon. For billions of years Mother Earth has carried the energy imprints of every insect, animal and intention consciously or unconsciously placed upon her. A home often picks up the sometimes-dissonant energy of the land and emits its frequency. When the home and Earth are not in alignment, dis-ease or heaviness can occur, creating imbalance within the environment. Through ceremony and re-connection with the land, a lasting balance and harmony between the Earth Mother and the sanctuary a home represents can be created.

A house blessing can also remove any negative energies that might be lurking in a home. This is especially useful when moving into a new house, experiencing a run of bad luck, sensing an unwelcome energy-being or ghost, living with a lot of negativity, or any time the energy feels heavy, dark, lethargic or grungy.

In fact, a regular purification ritual in the home can help make a difference in the feel of the house and the smoothness of one’s life as well. Negative energies have a habit of collecting in our living spaces, and this affects our lives.

Lisa Ashton, RN, is a third generation healer. She is a practicing medium and angel card reader, and performs house blessings and harmonizations, a two- to three-hour process involving a ceremony consisting of drumming, crystal bowl clearing, setting new intentions and smudging. Contact at 401-500-1908.