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April 2019

Letter From the Publisher, Maureen Hart Cary

We just went on the most amazing trip.  From start to finish, it was all just amazing.  The first unexpected joy was that I left much of it up to the universe, as it was an opportunity that was too good to pass up. The company Bill works for is based out of India and half of his team is there. He had wanted to visit them and the company made it possible. With most of his expenses covered, it would be almost half price for me to travel with him so there was no way I was not going to take advantage of that adventure.  It meant that most of the plans were out of my hands and were not finalized until a few weeks before we left, so I had to trust things would work out. It would also involve a few days in Copenhagen on the way to India.  We needed to pack for 30 degrees in Denmark, and 90 degrees in India with carry-on luggage so creativity was required.

On this rare opportunity, I just went with it.  The list of unexpected events is too long to list including a last minute order of coats that could fit back into a tiny space, a pair of gloves bought in Copenhagen and losing them within a few hours later then buying another pair, because, well, I liked them, and well, Copenhagen! 

I’m struggling to find the words to describe that experience and just keep coming back to “amazing”. The India piece was a lot left up to the universe.  We weren’t sure how much time Bill would need to spend at the office, and what it would be like around the hotel.  It turned out he was at the office 4 of the 6 days we were there at least for a few hours, and there was not much at all I was doing safely around the hotel.  I’ve never seen so many people all moving at the same time in different forms and directions.  Two wheels, three wheels, four wheels, two legs and four, the teaming mass of humanity (and dogs) was simply fascinating.  I would have been content to sit in the back seat of the cars and look out the window at it all.  I ended up quite content in the hotel room. There was  refrigerator in the room and I had my iPad for work email and Netflix.  Was kind of a nice down time, to not be in a hurry. And the trips to visit a few Hindu Temples were a bonus; Peddamma Temple was my favorite for it’s vibrant artwork and all encompassing sense of peace.

So many things from the unique artsy neighborhoods of Copenhagen to the canal tour of the city to the sights, temples, history, and warm welcome of our India friends in Hyderabad. Even the weird delays due to the Pakistan conflict and the overnight in an airport. It was an experience. I do love to travel, even if I’m not sure exactly why sometimes. The planning stresses me out coming and going.  I guess it’s a bit like having a baby, you don’t hold on to the pain of the birth just the joy of the child.  We had some large hiccups, it was all worth it.  

After the long winter, this month’s Natural Awakenings brings some great new content to usher in the spring season of rebirth. It is Earth day this month.  I hope you will find ways to experience the Earth with all her cultures and, there it is again, “amazing” people, places, and things. Let’s work together to preserve her.


Maureen Cary
RI | Natural Awakenings | 401-709-2473

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